Interesting facts about Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the most loved and widely savored snacks. It is prepared from corn kernels. It is interesting to watch the kernels pop while being cooked. Popcorn is prepared by heating the kernels which cause the water stored in small starch sacks to turn into steam. This helps in building up the pressure in the kernel and making the kernel pop, making popcorn. It can be prepared on a stove, in the microwave or special machines available for making popcorn.

Nutritional Information

It is considered to be one of the healthiest snacks with just 30 calories in a cup. Popcorn boxes Australia are preferred snacks for people with dietary restrictions. Popcorns dry popped in the hot air contains no oils, sugar or fats. It contains more antioxidants and fiber than fruits and vegetables. If the popcorn is cooked in hot air, the content of sodium and gluten is less making it a healthy snacking option. Being a healthy snacking option, many variants of popcorns is available in the market for the customer to choose from and enjoy munching time.

Healthy snacking

As popcorns are just corn kernels popped in hot air or they are corns cooked without oil and butter, they can be termed as unprocessed snacks which are just perfect to be consumed by people suffering from health issues. To everyone’s surprise, popcorn is rich in a number of proteins than many other grains. This is one of the reasons it is recommended by many nutritionists and can be consumed on daily basis. One cup of popcorn is said to have the same nutrition as six cups of grains.

Popcorn Fun Facts

· Popcorn can be made from both yellow and white kernels. There is only 1 white kernel in every 10 yellow kernels.
· They can be prepared by popping in hot air or by microwaving the kernels.
· Popcorns come in two types, mushroom and snowflake.
· Though mushroom popcorns are more common, snowflake popcorns are fluffier, better and more tempting in appearance.
· Popcorns are available in different flavors like caramel, cheese, salted or plain where the flavor is added on top of the popped popcorn.
· Corn kernels should be kept in closed airtight containers for future use.
· Kernels that do not pop are called ‘old maids’ or ‘spinsters’.

Air-popped Vs. Microwave Popcorn

Air popped popcorn is prepared in hot air and contains no sugar, salt, oil, butter or flavors which make them low on fat and calories. It is important to note that popcorn prepared in hot air is rich in the amount of fiber, proteins, and antioxidants in comparison to other popcorns. Microwave popcorn is easy to make and available at any convenience store. They might contain a small amount of oil, butter or flavor but are quite good in taste.


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