Is Popcorn Healthy For You?

Popcorn is popular among movie lovers. The legendary kernel that forms into fluffy popcorn is a perfect substitute for a tasty snack. Its smell is popular in cinema halls. With times, it has now become a luxury. It is actually an ancient dish when 7000 years ago it was being popped in Peru.

Nowadays, we can find variety of popcorn flavors i.e. butter, caramel, toffee, salted, cheese etc. Looking at popcorn and while enjoying eating it; one thing pops up in mind: Is popcorn healthy? Or is it playing its role in increasing my weight?
Here, in this blog post; we will know how healthy popcorn is?

  • Popcorn: Healthy or Not?

  • A) It Can Prove To Be Healthier Than Fruits And Vegetables: Yes, we can say that popcorn is healthy as it is very close to nature when popped in hot air without adding any sugar, salt, oils or fats. We eat only inside of the kernel after heating it manually with a steam.

    As per the popcorn facts, single portion of popcorn has more antioxidants as compared to that of fruits and vegetables we eat in a day. Antioxidants keep a constant check on harmful molecules.

    Popcorn also contains ample amount of vitamins such as folate, niacin, thiamine,vitamins B, A, E and K. It is also a good source of iron, potassium and zinc as well as polyphenols that have antioxidants which fight against cancer and cardiovascular issues.

    According to a research, a single cup of popped corn has 31 calories with 0.3g fats and those popped in oil weigh to 128 calories with 8.2 g fat which is 13% of total recommended fat intake. Hence, we can say that a single pack of popcorn can help you to cover the fat intake of an entire day.

    B) Always Prefer Whole Grain Kernels: Some modern brands prefer traditional methods of making popcorn which excludes additives thus giving you a healthy snack to enjoy. You may prefer to have healthy popcorn's from these brands.

    Some UK companies also offer Gourmet Popcorn available in various flavors such as black pepper, sun dried tomato etc, which are low in calories, sugar and carbohydrates.

    These firms use whole grain kernels to offer maximum health benefits such as Vitamin E, B and the bran; a good fiber source. So, always prefer to have popcorn's made from whole grains.

    C) Avoid Microwave Popcorn:  Some brands produce popcorn with chemically overloaded varieties and one such variety is microwave popcorn which is an enjoyable snack however microwave popcorn is not healthy enough as it is filled with unpleasant toxins.

    The butter popcorn prepared in microwave oven contains buttery flavor due to a chemical known as diacetyl which lasts long in the body causing serious issues such as fatal lung disease.

    Hence, it is advisable to use whole grain popcorn's instead of those made from chemicals such as diacetyl.

    D) Cook Nutritious Popcorn At Home:  The best thing to get healthy popcorn is to cook it at home. Cooking popcorn at home is actually fun. When the small amount of water inside them becomes extremely hot, the kernels expand and squeeze.

    When the pressure is high enough as compared to the outside pressure, the gelatinous mixture blows out of the kernels in a unique shape and then it cools and sets within a frame of second.

    Cooking these at home will help to keep a check on how much sugar or salt you add. Just get a bag of kernels from nearby provision store and try some flavors and oils with a stove, pan and a cover to set the popcorn making it an excellent choice as a complete family snack…

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