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Popcorn Boxes - Popcorn Australia

Crunchy small corn kernel puffs up when heated, derives popcorn. It is highly fibrous compared to most other snacks and has antioxidants which are linked to good health. Snacking with popcorn keeps you full for quite some time. What is the most craving snack while having a family time on weekends watching a movie or favourite sport? That’s right! No matter what the age, popcorn is an ideal snack for all. Popcorn Buy Online is handy to have a comfy day while enjoying watching one’s favourite television programme relaxing on a couch. 

Know the types of corn - All corn looks the same too many of us, but there are some variations and are used differently. Some basic types of corn are listed below:
  1. Sweet corn - Sweetcorn is not used for popping purpose as the kernels are tender. These are harvested at an early stage and thus are sweet and contain more sugar, unlike other types of corn.

  2. Dent corn - Dent corn is indented in the centre when dried and hence the name “dents corn.” It is used in some of the foodstuffs. It is widely grown in the U.S.

  3. Flint corn - Shell of the kernel is hard in flint corn and can be differentiated by colours. This corn is used for decorating purpose in North America during harvest time.

  4. Popcorn - It has a hard shell with the soft starchy centre. It has an exceptional popping ability.
Types of Popcorn
  • White - It pops up white when heated and has a bland taste, seasoning add up to taste.

  • Yellow - It pops up yellow and gives a buttery look, and because of its appearance it is mostly used at public places as Popcorn Boxes like movie theatres, shopping malls.
Flavors of Popcorn - Refers to seasoning which enhances the taste to relish. The particular amount of flavour is added to make sure the satisfying feeling is obtained. From kids to big ones all are popcorn lovers with a slight difference in taste. Popcorn Boxes are spillproof and have many variations that go along every individual taste buds. Some of the well-demanded flavours are butter, salt, creamy caramel, etc. 

Popcorn and options in range

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