Types of Popcorn Machines

Popcorn is the lovely snack of all of us. We love to munch it and it is most popular when in cinema halls while watching movies. There are different types of popcorns i.e. buttery, fresh, and salty. People love to have different flavors as they are crazy for different tastes.

For these different flavored popcorns, there are different types of machines which can be used to flavor your popcorn. Know the difference between kernel types, perfect salts, oils and seasonings. Read this post ahead to know about various types of popcorn machines.

Popcorn Maker:

Before we dive deep to know the types of machines, let’s know something about their history. The world’s first mobile popcorn machine was introduced by Charles Cretors in 1893 at Chicago and from then these poppers has been in great demand.

These machines explode the popcorn kernel. Each popcorn kernel consists of water and starch concealed inside the hull. When the kernel heats up, water expansion takes place and creates pressure within the hull. This pressure creates the pop inflating the starch which turns the kernel inside out.

Various popcorn machine brands are available in the market and these brands offer different poppers such as:

Caramel Baby
  • Caramel Baby: This popcorn machine can make proper caramel popcorn with 2.5-gallon cooker mixer. It comes with a separate base and pan.

Macho Pop 160z popper
  • Macho Pop 160z popper: This popcorn machine is made of stainless steel and possesses greater value when it comes to production. It has the bag in box oil system, LED Lights and auto shutoff feature. Easily available in Australia.

Popcorn maker 480z cornado 60” with pump
  • Popcorn maker 480z cornado 60” with pump: This popcorn machine has a perfect electronic heat control system with a reversible dome. These also include a bag of box oil pump systems. Steel kettle is most durable in the business with double-sided walls for efficient energy use.

Get optimum popping every time for a longer duration from this Cornado.

Deluxe 60 Special 60z popcorn machine
  • Deluxe 60 Special 60z popcorn machine: This popcorn maker comes with a stainless steel  E-Z Kleen Kettle that can be cleaned easily and can be heated quickly. It allows a three-minute popping cycle and an etched glass, cast filigree, brass antique finish.

    These machines are available for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.
Popcorn Warmer
  • Popcorn Warmer: This popcorn machine is known as Popcorn Warner as its self-serve doors keep the popcorn warmer and fresh with a self-service facility where customers can serve themselves. It has 3 adjustable racks, illuminated sign.

Fun pop 4oz popcorn machine
  • Fun pop 4oz popcorn machine: Comes in Midnight black Colour , this popcorn machine has silver corner posts and also has a removable E-Z Kleen Kettle with heated corn deck. Its cart has heavy duty wheels, storage compartment and adjustable feet.

Medallion Popcorn Machine
  • Medallion Popcorn Machine: This machine is suitable for high popcorn production at places like cinemas and stadiums. It can produce 10000z of popcorn every hour. One can make sweet and salty popcorns as per the demand.

Wonderful popcorn machines, isn’t it? Would you like to buy them? Get in touch with best popcorn machine suppliers today. Yes, you can start your popcorn business now…